Sunday, August 26, 2007

LLM - Prototype Testing

Well there's nothing better than having a buddy call you up and ask if you can join him for a trip down to LLM. Richie called up Jason this past week to hook up for a trip with Capt. Ernest Cisneros down in LLM. I got to tag along somehow haha.

One good reason to go on down south to fish is to test out a new lure. Some of you have heard a little about it and want to see it finally. I'm not going to say what it is or if it's even going to be available or not, but the thing catches fish for sure

We started off the first morning with a delayed trip due to some serious thunder showers. Finally we got to head out at about 9:30 for a morning wade before lunch break. Third cast out of the boat with the prototype Jason hooked up on a solid redfish for the first fish of the day.

Ernest was using a black/chart version of the prototype and soon after Jason hooked up Ernest was doubled over with this red.

In the last image Richie is helping Ernest out stringing the fish up for our lunch. Soon after that it was lunch time and we had 5 reds to bring in to eat at a local restaurant. Half blackened and half fried with salad and french fries. Right after we finished eating it was back out onto the water for us!

Ernest and Richie never stop and they're definitely serious fisherman and funny nonetheless.

The topwater bite was gone after lunch so we switched over to Plumtreuse Devil Eyes and we started bringing in redfish consistently. I landed 2 decent trout up to 19" and released them to be caught another day.


Here's Ernest with a nice red on the Devil Eye





The day ended pretty quick when it started to get a little stormy and we were all pretty darn tired. The next morning we launched around 6 and were out there quick to get on some nice reds and trout. Jason hooked up on this 6lb.+ red right after sunrise.




We didn't end up seeing many snook the whole trip while the tide was very very high due to the storm approaching. The second day of fishing before we came in I lost a decent snook on the new lure. I'm still beating myself about it, but all I can do is catch it next time I'm down there.


Overall, the trip was fun and we definitely have proof that the lure works well.



BTW, the sun was brutal as you can see in the pictures.



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